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Southwest Bible Camp

Southwest Bible Camp

Youth Retreat         November 22 - 24

Youth Retreat Director:  David Lennox

Our Guest Speaker: Ken Miller


Youth Retreat is November 22-24 and looks to be an amazing time of Bible teaching with Ken Miller speaking! There will be fun times and opportunities for fellowship and singing!  You are invited if you are at least 14 years old up into your twenties.


We want to encourage young people with God's Word!  Don't miss out!

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Located just west of the nearby Gila Wilderness, Southwest Bible Camp in Glenwood, NM has a full summer camp program as well as retreats and conferences.  The Youth Retreat has been a tremendous encouragement to many in recent years. We praise the Lord for His blessing over 50 years of ministering to youth and families!  Make plans now to attend the 2019 Youth Retreat!