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Southwest Bible Camp

Work Weekends Mar 13-15

It’s 2020 and the first part of the year is very quiet around camp.  Few events are scheduled when it is so cold and most of the buildings are winterized and shut down.  However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t planning the next series of events at SWBC!  We have been preparing and planning for the year ahead and it looks to be a very exciting year!

This year, we will host a work weekend that is critical in maintaining the camp facilities.  Please consider yourself invited to attend as we will have plenty of work to do and need as many a can to participate.  For a schedule of all events, click on the Camp Calendar link below.

March 15 - 17 Work Weekend

Camp Calendar

Labor of Love

Each year Southwest Bible Camp suffers the effects of what Jesus described as, “where moth and rust corrupt”.  We are so blessed to have volunteer crews, (that means folks like you!) who help maintain and improve the camp grounds and facilities.  Without YOU, we could not keep up with all the maintenance needs!  Please prayerfully consider joining us for our work weekend!  Thank you!