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Men's Retreat

The Summer Program is not the only time the camp is in session. The Men's Retreat is a great weekend for guys to fellowship together and to soak up great Bible teaching!

Men's Retreat offers the guys a chance to get away for a couple of days for fellowship!  We encourage men and boys to attend this exciting event!

 Don’t miss out!  This weekend is tailor made for guys to circle the chairs with a hot cup of coffee!  We love to network with others who perhaps can relate to all the ups and downs of life.  Roll up your sleeves with us and have a totally relaxing weekend at Southwest Bible Camp!

Men's Retreat Registration and Brochure (pdf)

Men's Retreat Flyer (pdf)

Men's Retreat Registration Form (pdf)

Men's Retreat Schedule (pdf)

Dress and Behavior Code (pdf)

              Men's Retreat 2008

October 10-12


Jeff Bloom gave some great messages!

Download Each Message in MP3 format here:

  • Session One, Friday Evening
  • Session Two, Saturday Morning
  • Session Three, Saturday Afternoon
  • Session Four, Saturday Evening
  • Session Five, Sunday Morning

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