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Ladies’ Retreat              April 20 - 22

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Knowing the Unknowable


Both Sharon and Barbara are excited to see what the Lord will do with this study which has been given specifically for this 34 th Annual Ladies’ Retreat at Southwest Bible Camp. Sharon Garrison is the widowed mother of 4, grandmother of 14 and great grandmother of 16, so far!  She has been involved with the leadership of the Ladies’ Bible Studies at Bethel Bible Fellowship in Las Cruces for over 35 years. One of Sharon’s deepest joys is to help others understand how God’s Word applies to their own personal lives.

Along with Barbara Harrell, she has been a Sunday School teacher at Bethel for over 30 years. Together they have written a three year curriculum for third through fifth graders.

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Speakers: Sharon Garrison & Barbara Harrell

The Lord graciously saved Barbara Harrell after she graduated from Law School and had begun her first job as a lawyer. He broke through her arrogant, self-reliant spirit to bring her to a saving faith in the finished work of her Lord and Savior, who in love gave His life to free her from the destructive, futile path she was traveling. He gave Barbara a life-long friend and fellow-worker for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For over 30 years, Barbara and Sharon together served the Lord by co-teaching Sunday School and Women’s Bible Studies. Two years ago, the Lord graciously gave Barbara the joy of a Mediterranean cruise, which started in Athens, Greece and ended in Barcelona, Spain. One of the blessings of this trip was the opportunity to spend several days in Athens. As Barbara explored the ruins of the Areopagus, the Ancient Agora, and the Acropolis, Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill came to life in an amazing way. During the past two years, the Lord gave Sharon and Barbara “Knowing the Unknowable”, a small glimpse into the Sermon on Mars Hill.